Packaging is essential.

49 years of single path. We will service
you with the finest experience and system.

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49 years of single-path life
with extensive experience and knowledge.
Thank you for visiting Seoul Packaging Co.,Ltd. website.

Packaging is essential!!

With the worldwide awareness on environment,
the emphasis on the importance of packaging is never sufficient.

Good packaging is not only a communication tool that delivers the image of company but also a substantial factor
in global environment.

Founded in 1971, we have led a single-path life for 49 years. We overcame the hardship of shifting national and
international economies by prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Our undertaking for customer satisfaction will not stop.
Based on our extensive offline experience, we started an online shop with K-BIZ Korea Paper-Packaging
Cooperative. Started in 2008, Boxway ( is continuously growing with your interests
in our products.

With efforts to meet the standards of packaging and our sense of challenge and accomplishment,
we will continue to advance with customer satisfaction as our priority.

Thank you.

President & CEO Bon-Young Koo