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Company History

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2019 ~
2018Attending a meeting with Israel’s ex-Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert at KBIZ chairman’s office
2017Signed Supply Agreement with Lotte Duty Free Shop
2016Appointed Chairman of Korea Paper-Packaging Cooperative
2015Received Contribution Plaque for Box Industry Development by Administrator of SMBA
Installed SUNFLEXO (includes FPS1228 3 color, auto-stacker)
2014Renewal of Direct Production Certificate
2013Signed Supply Contract with KOMSCO for passport and coin (Israel) boxes
2011Commemorative event for 40th anniversary
2001 ~ 2010
2010 Renewal of company website (
2009Signed Annual Supply Contract (corrugated boxes) with Kolon Fashion Group
2008Selected online direct sales company for K-BIZ Boxway
2007Installed semi-automatic paper feeder
2005Selected as tobacco box supplier by KT&G (2005 - 2007)
2003Installed FLEXO Folder Gluer (in line) with Sun Auto
2002Received Contribution Plaque for development of corrugated
fiberboard industry by Administrator of K-BIZ
Acquired ISO9001:2000UKAS - QEC Ltd.
2001 Utility patented G-Drum
1971 ~ 2000
2000 Made company website (
Selected IBK - Family corporation
Received Outstanding Partner Citation
from Korea FujiFilm (Lotte Group)
1999Acquired ISO9002 - KCSC Inc.
1997Designated as an Alternative Service Enterprise
1996Changed company name to
Seoul Packaging Co.,Ltd.
1995Registered trading business and joined KITA
1993Constructed and moved to Incheon Plant
(Namdong Industrial Complex)
1988Received Outstanding Partner Citation from Taihan Electric Wire Co., Ltd.
1980Constructed and moved to Bucheon Plant
1971Founded Seoul Jigongsa