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Systematic resource management and production system
With ERP systems and acquisition of ISO9001:2000 certificate, we are able to create a system that achieves
efficient resource management, quality production and management.
Various equipment and production system
We are furnished with both high-speed automatic lines for mass production and slower lines for cellular
manufacturing and special function boxes manufacturing and retain years of know-how, allowing us to establish
most optimal production system for each and every product at reasonable prices.
Special function boxes
We have large and small Thompson automation equipment to handle 100% of variations, functionalities
and assembly-type boxes. We hold the most wood patterns of different sizes and shapes in the industry.
Cellular and just-in-time manufacturing system
We are prepared with cellular and just-in-time manufacturing system for a wide range of box orders.
We also operate an online shopping mall and retain vast knowledge in delivery.
47 years of experience
With our 47 years of finest experience in the industry and state-of-the-art system that meets various customer
needs. We organize sales groups and management system by customer that handle from box designing,
manufacture and delivery.