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Box Purchase Guide

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It is not easy to choose the right box for your product.

We offer you a basic and effective guide for finding boxes that meet your requirements in product weight, mode of
shipment and distribution as well as your economy and more. For more information and customized design, please
call our customer service.

STEP 1. Measure size and weight of your products

Your product size shall correspond to inner dimensions of the box. Typically labelled box dimensions are of outer
measurements. Add the following values to the dimensions of your products.

A (SW) Flute = W 6mm, D 6mm, H 9mm
B (SW) Flute = W 4mm, D 4mm, H 6mm
E (SW) Flute = W 2mm, D 2mm, H 2mm
AB (DW) Flute = W 9mm, D 9mm, H 18mm
STEP 2. Select Corrugated Fiberboard

Select flute types - A flute (4.5~4.8mm), B flute (2.5~2.8mm), E flute (1.2~1.6mm) and AB flute (7.0~8.5mm)
- based on your products. For products over 10kg, select A to AB and B for anything lighter. (Buffer capacity against
impact increases as flute height increases). If you require more protection against impact for lighter goods, it is safer
to select double faced corrugated boxes such as AB flute. Boards of same height but varying flute distances and
liner materials will display vastly different strengths. For packing products that require extra caution, please call us
for consultation.

Please refer to the table below.

Type Board Thickness Product Weight For normal use
A Flute 4.5 ~ 4.8mm ~10kg Within For all products under 10kg
  • Wide usability and outstanding buffer

  • For large, light products.

  • Most suitable for packing medium to large products
B Flute 2.5 ~ 2.8mm ~8kg Within Regular household and industrial goods under 8kg
  • Most commonly used packing material, along with A flute
  • Products with low risk of damage
  • For box printing, please let us know in advance.
E Flute 1.2 ~ 1.6mm ~8kg Below Apparels, shoes, books, gifts and other small goods under 8kg
  • Light, small packing box with low risk of damage
  • Able to make slim and simple boxes
  • For box printing, please let us know in advance.
DW Flute 7.0 ~ 8.5mm ~10kg Over Agricultural produce and heavy industrial products over 10kg
  • For packing heavy products including agricultural produce
    and industrial goods
  • Wide applicability from storage to transportation of heavy
  • For box printing, please let us know in advance.
STEP 3. Select Box Type

Select box types that meet your product requirement or characteristics of workplace.

[Type A Box]

  • Most commonly used box type
  • Widely used for parcel deliveries and storage
  • Cheap and easy to handle. Use tape for sealing

[Type B Box]

  • Clean design boxes
  • Suitable for packing light products
  • Suitable for packing and storage of Internet shopping

[Type C Box]

  • Suitable for packing small products
  • Suitable for packing volumes of books, magazines
    and documents
  • Mostly used for garments and plastic-covered

[Type D Box]

  • Suitable for packing small volumes of books,
    plastic-covered records and other small goods
  • Suitable for packing gifts, cards, documents and alike
  • Completely seals contents which reduces loss of

[Type G Box]

  • Suitable for packing high added value products
  • No adhesive or tape required for sealing
  • Suitable for packing foodstuff (pizza and more)

[Type Y Box]

  • Optimized for beverages and pouched medications
  • No adhesive or tape required for sealing
  • Widely used with customized box printing
    (company name, logo and phone no.)
STEP 4. Wood Pattern (optional)

Wood patterns are a prerequisite for manufacturing types B, C, D, G and Y boxes. They may be required for type A
boxes of smaller dimensions.
The cost for making wood patterns varies by size and form. It is generally between KRW 70,000 and KRW 200,000.
Wood patterns are semi-permanent, unless there are changes to specification or form.
Wood pattern cost can be partially aided by our HQ, depending on number of order quantity.

STEP 5. Box Printing (optional)

If box printing is in order, a printing plate must be made using resin (a type of rubber).
The cost for making plate varies depending on the area of print and use of colors. Plates are semi-permanent,
unless there are changes to specification or form.
Normally printing cost is incremented per print, but it can be excluded depending on the number or order quantity.
Printing plate cost can be partially aided by our HQ, depending on number of order quantity.

STEP 6. Ordering, Delivery and Payment

At Seoul Packaging Co.,Ltd., we exert our best efforts to deliver any types of boxes in any quantities. We are
a leading brand of corrugated boxes with 45 years of experience, occupying sales, production and management
system to satisfy 100% of your requirements.


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