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Type of Corrugated Fiberboard

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Types of Corrugated Fiberboards

The type of corrugated boards varies by combination of fluted corrugated sheets.
Corrugated fiberboards can be classified by their structure and use.

The 2 classification methods are as follows

Structural Classification

  • Single-faced corrugated board
    (片面段ボ-ル, Single Faced Corrugated Board)
  • Double-faced corrugated board
    (兩面段ボ-ル, Double Faced Corrugated Board)
  • Double wall corrugated board
    (複兩面段ボ-ル, Double Wall Corrugated Board)
  • Triple wall corrugated board
    (複複兩面段ボ-ル, Triple Wall Corrugated Board)

Classification by Use

  • Cartons or inner packing board
  • Shipping or outer packing board
Classification by Structure and Form

Structural classification depends on how flutes and how many liners are used.

  • Wary Corrugated Board : Fluted corrugated board. Mostly used as a buffer material.
  • Single Faced Corrugated Board : A liner is adhered to a side of corrugated medium paper.
    Mostly used as a buffer material.
  • Double Faced Corrugated Board : A liner is adhered on the other side of single faced
    corrugated board. Most commonly used as a packing material. *Abbreviation : SW
  • Double Wall Corrugated Board : A single faced corrugated board is adhered to a single
    wall corrugated board. Mostly used in boxes for heavy and fragile contents. *Abbreviation : DW
  • Triple Wall Corrugated Board : A single faced corrugated board is adhered to a double wall
    corrugated board. Mostly used in boxes for very heavy contents. *Abbreviation : TW

Single Faced Corrugated Board

As illustrated in the image, a fluted paper is adhered
with a liner on one side. These are rarely made into
boxes, but used as buffer or box fitments.

Double Faced Corrugated Board

Liners are adhered to both sides of a medium paper. Any one of A, B, C or E flute may be used but it is important to
used just one. Most commonly used for light packing contents, A flute retains high impact resistance. B flute is soft
and retains high flat crush strength, mostly used for cans and similar products.

[A Flute]
Flute thickness : 4.5 ~ 4.8㎜ /
No. of flutes : 34 ± 2/30㎝

[B Flute]
Flute thickness : 2.5 ~ 2.8㎜ /
No. of flutes : 50 ± 2/30㎝

[C Flute]
Flute thickness : 3.5 ~ 3.8㎜ /
No. of flutes : 40 ± 2/30㎝

[E Flute]
Height : 1.2 ~ 1.6㎜ /
No. of flutes : 94 ± 2/30㎝

Double Wall Corrugated Board

A single faced corrugated board is adhered to a double faced corrugated board. Any combination of flutes may be
used which offer varying properties. Double wall boards are stronger than double faced boards, especially vertical
impact resistance. They are most suitable for packing relatively heavy or fragile products as well as fruits and
vegetables that require high moisture content. Double wall boards can be manufactured in many forms.

[BA Double Wall Board]

[BB Double Wall Board]

[EB Double Wall Board]

Triple Wall Corrugated Board

[AAA Triple Wall Board]

As illustrated, a triple corrugated board has 3 layers of
single and double faced boards, displaying higher
strength than a double wall corrugated board. Any
of the available flute papers can be used. Due to its
high strength, it is mostly used as a substitute material
for making wooden boxes built for packing heavy

Retaining outstanding bending resistance and burst strength, triple board is suitable for packing heavy and
extremely heavy objects and has only 2/3 the weight of wooden boxes with 30 to 40% reduction in volume.
It is most adequate for air transportation.

Currently, triple boards are used for packing 1,500 to 2,000kg objects. It enables sealed packing, effectively
preventing humidity build up and corrosion during prolonged transportation. It is suitable for metal, machineries,
chemicals, electric, electrical and communication units, computers, medical equipment, military commodities
including projectiles and missiles, and auto parts including engines and transmissions. Its use and application are still

Triple board is highly durable and moisture-resistant and able to perfectly protect its contents from environmental
changes during transportation. It can be processed into any shapes and forms to accommodate any objects.
Its packing method is extremely easy, effectively cutting packing time, personnel and cost.